Most Popular Questions

1. Why Choose Us?

We have been in the internet marketing industry for a while now. Our parent company has been creating online monetizing solutions since 2008. We have grown our network to more than 89,700+ members who have earned over $211,000,000.

2. How does it work?

We strive to provide straight transparency to our members. Money generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products is used to pay our members. By inviting friends, you are building traffic to our site and increasing ad revenue. You are also increasing exposure to our sponsors’ products, ultimately, increasing sponsor relations across our network.

3. How do I earn?

Earning is so simple. You can earn by inviting friends to our site. Referring isn’t for you? You can also earn by testing some of our sponsors’ products in the members’ area.

4. How do I get paid?

When you are ready to get paid, simply request your payment in the members’ area. We pay our members through PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin, and mailed checks. Don’t see a payment method that works for you? We will be adding more in the future!

5. How long does it take to get Paid?

Usually, payments are sent instantly when scheduled. However, in rare cases, some problems may arise.

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